Who we are

OCTAPHARMA-PHARMIMEX LLC is a joint venture that includes two legal entities Octapharma AG and JSC “Pharmimex”. The Company was established to construct a plant in the Skopinskiy district of the Ryazan Region and launch full-cycle production of medicines based on human blood plasma in Russia.
Octapharma products have been present on the Russian market since 1995. Products are manufactured for patients in three therapeutic areas: haematology, immunotherapy and critical care.

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Many life-saving pharmaceuticals are manufactured from plasma which cannot be made artificially. By donating plasma, you save lives and help people with different diseases and conditions.

Russian plasma will be supplied to the OCTAPHARMA-PHARMIMEX LLC for further processing by Pharmimex. Pharmimex intends to establish 10 plasma collection centers in the Russian Federation.

Mission and vision


Partners for human protein therapies.


Manufacturing of Products in three therapeutic areas: haematology, immunotherapy and critical care, using plasma collected from Russian donors.
From vein to vein.